Underarm Crutch Pad and Hand Grip Covers by MDUB

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MDUB Medical Comfortable Padding Washable Breathable Moisture Wicking Anti-Bacterial Orthopedic Products Accessories (Black)

When you’re recovering from an injury or a medical procedure that requires you to be on crutches, the last thing you want is to have your crutches outfitted with uncomfortable or inadequate pads. With these orthopedic crutch pads by MDUB Medical, you can improve your comfort level during your recovery. Men and women everywhere are sure to love these convenient crutch pads. These accessory pads and grip covers are designed for optimal orthopedic support and conform easily to the contour of your body. A major complaint from many crutch users is that the underarm pads are uncomfortable. Inadequate protection can sometimes result in irritation or raw skin due to the motion of walking. These crutch pads help you to maintain proper support as you recover, letting you recuperate in as much comfort as possible. Each pad and hand grip is fully washable and easy to care for. Simply wash the nylon pads by hand and allow them to dry fully before putting them back on the crutches. The pads are made of breathable material that wicks away moisture. Nobody wants to feel soggy or excessively moist from sweat throughout the day, and each of these pads helps to guard against that unpleasant possibility. The moisture-wicking feature also works to prevent a wide variety of bacterial and fungal growth within the pads or grips. This not only keeps you comfortable but clean, hygienic, and safe as well. These underarm pads and hand grip covers come in a matching set for aesthetic appeal and additional convenience. With this matching set, you can fully outfit your crutches for the next level of comfort and convenience. These pads and grip covers have a universal fit to accommodate most adult- and youth-size crutches. Say goodbye to uncomfortable, inadequate underarm crutch pads and hand grips! Make these pads and hand grip covers from MDUB Medical a part of your recovery process today!



  • ORTHOPEDIC: These pads are designed for ultimate orthopedic comfort. They not only reduce chafing and pain to help you be comfortable during your recovery process, but they also help to keep you safe from additional injury to your arms or shoulders. These pads use high-density, contoured foam to help redistribute pressure and cushion the underarm, improving your recovery experience.
  • CONVENIENT SET OF PADS & GRIPS: This set of pads and grips is a convenient way to make sure your crutches are as helpful and effective as possible. These underarm pads and hand grip covers are made with black material that fits well with most crutches and provides relief from pressure for overall increased orthopedic comfort.
  • WASHABLE: These convenient crutch pads and hand grip covers are easy to clean and maintain. When you’re using crutches, it’s important to keep the pads sanitary so you can feel confident and comfortable. Simply wash the crutch pads by hand and allow them to fully dry before putting them back on the crutches.
  • BREATHABLE: These crutch pads are cool and breathable on your skin. Whether you’re recovering from an accidental injury or from a medical procedure, the last thing you need is to be uncomfortable while you’re on your crutches. The material that makes up these crutch padding attachments helps keep you cool and as comfortable as possible.
  • MOISTURE-WICKING: Nobody likes to be soggy or gross from sweating all day, especially while you’re trying to recover. These pads and grips are designed to wick away moisture from your armpits to keep you feeling fresh while you’re walking with your crutches. As these pads wick the moisture away, it also keeps your pads free of many varieties of bacteria or mold spores.

Customer Reviews

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Richard Powers
Good pads

1These pads were perfect for my hand and underarm pain from crutches

Sharon Tuck

Perfect solution to hand and under arm pain from using crutches. Would recommend