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Right or Left Hand Splint & Stabilizer with Adjustable Strap and Removable Splint


At MDUB Medical, our braces are designed to keep you moving. We’ve created a supportive splint that helps you heal as you continue living your life. The Crosstrap wrist brace features easy-to-use wrist extension splints with an added adjustable and removable thumb stay to aid in the healing process while also providing pain relief. The palmar stay ends just short of the distal palmar to allow your fingers a full range of motion while you wear the splint. This design is ideal for treating gamekeeper’s thumb, de Quervain’s syndrome, carpal tunnel,  computer-related injuries, dislocated thumbs, and many other conditions. Many of these injuries require you to wear your brace for an extended period of time. That’s why we made sure to design it with a cool, breathable material and to include an adjustable strap for a personalized fit. You’ll be able to wear it everywhere — to work, school, soccer practice — and feel comfortable all day long. Whether for a man, woman, or child, this supportive splint can fit anyone. The straps can be trimmed down to size or wrapped all the way around for a comfortable fit. The Crosstrap braces came about as a result of all the flawed and subpar designs for existing braces available on the market. The head athletic trainer in the NCAA decided to use his 18 years of experience to create something better and thus came the Crosstrap. These products have been used in every sport in the NCAA. Athletes prefer this design for its low profile and isolated pressure. Heal comfortably with help from MDUB Medical.

Ideal in treating De Quervain's Syndrome, Gamekeeper's Thumb, and carpometacarpal instabilities, the premium wrist and thumb splints feature the same construction and ease-of-use as the wrist extension splints, with the addition of an adjustable thumb stay, perfect for immobilizing the thumb for during the healing process. The malleable palmar stay stops just short of the distal palmar, allowing full range of motion for the fingers.


  • ALLOWS FULL FINGER DEXTERITY: A sprained, broken or carpal tunnel inflicted hand is a painful inconvenience, but just because you’re wearing a wrist-support brace doesn’t mean you have to lose the use of your hand. Keep carrying out your daily tasks with ease. This wrist-pain-relief splint features dual removable stabilizers above and below the hand that controls wrist movement and allow for full finger dexterity.
  • UNIVERSAL, BILATERAL DESIGN: The bilateral design of our Crosstrap forearm support brace allows you to wear it on either your right or your left hand. No need to buy a separate brace for men and women; the universal design suits both genders. This metal splint can be tightened to a small size (9”) or extended to a large size (9” and up), so it also works for kids and youth.
  • PROMOTES FASTER HEALING: The spica splint (or thumb immobilizer) of this brace keeps your thumb and wrist from moving around while still permitting the use of your other digits. A thumb-extension splint is often necessary for the healing process of hand-related injuries, but if your injury does not require thumb immobilization, the thumb spica is removable for your convenience.
  • BREATHABLE MATERIAL: If your doctor requires you to wear a medical support brace day and night for a prolonged period of time, you should make sure it’s a comfortable one. Enjoy a contoured shape and a personalized fit thanks to the adjustable straps with an easy Velcro closure. We’ve designed our braces with cooling Breathe-o-Prene material to be extra breathable.
  • SUITABLE FOR MANY CONDITIONS: Every day, we put ourselves at risk of injury while doing common tasks, such as driving, keyboard typing, gaming, doing yoga, and weightlifting at the gym. Be prepared with one of these splints in your first-aid kit. It works great for healing tendonitis, trigger thumb, jammed thumbs, sports injuries (such as from golf, bowling, football, boxing, etc.), and more.


Small - up to 9”

Large - 9” and above