MDUB Technology

The CROSSTRAP was designed specifically to help prevent the Micro-tears in your muscles as well as tendonitis, and was engineered with runners, cyclists, athletes in mind but has benefited everyday people. It is fabricated in one piece, low profile, with no additional parts. It is designed to create enough pressure on the tendon to avoid friction. It is small, yet comfortable enough to be discreet under running pants while still performing its job. It compresses forces and reduces tension, thereby reducing pain.


Our straps can be used on any part of the leg to help with the various pains and injuries associated with physical activity or aging. Individuals suffering from pain may also benefit from wearing an MDUB Crosstrap during their sports or activities to reduce pain and help prevent additional injury. As mentioned above, an injury does not only affect professionals. If you lift weights or perform other tasks with consistent bending of the leg, you should consider wearing a strap or brace.

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