MDUB Medical & The Crosstrap

MDUB Medical & The Crosstrap

Thank you for visiting our shop! We’re very excited to have our website up and running.

In conjunction with our shiny new website is a shiny new line of MDUB Products. For the first time ever we’re offering a thumb and wrist brace. We've also made major improvements on all of our straps and braces. They've got a strong, flexible layer of embroidering going along the edges of each strap, strengthening it and improving durability. The value of the strap only becomes better with each new improvement.

Can I just say that our products are looking great? The blue and black go great together, and the material feels soft and sturdy. They're ready to support a ton of athletes as they go about doing what they do best. If you're new to MDUB, you may have noticed the slit in one side of each strap that allows the other side to slide through. This feature is called the Crosstrap.

The Crosstrap

Mike Williams (A.K.A. MDUB), an athletic trainer at Utah State University, decided that he wanted to improve the way athletic straps and braces work. That's where the Crosstrap was born. By simply adding a slit in one side of a strap, isolating pressure to the exact point where it is needed is made a lot easier. Simply pull the end through the slit, pull tight, and off you go!


We look forward to continuing to correspond with you, and to hear stories about where MDUB is taking you.

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